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Australasian Thermographers Association conducts Thermography Scoping Study into the industry demographics

Haystack Group is conducting a research scoping study into the thermography industry and the use of thermal imaging cameras in Australia.

As this is the first review of its kind into the thermography industry in Australia, the scoping study will cover the specific topics below in gaining an overview of the use of thermography in industry and the people performing the tasks.

  • Understand the bread and depth of skills required in thermography
  • Technical expertise required for the broad range of makes & models of cameras
  • Camera abilities based on common products available to industry
  • Licensing requirements to use a camera
  • Job roles and functions within the various industry sectors
  • Review of non-accredited training courses and their applicability to industry
  • Cross industry sectors contracting
  • Number of people employed in thermography
  • Understand the size of the industry
  • Tertiary issues encountered by supporting services
  • Where possible, determine the average age of thermographers
  • Software and report structures for thermography services

We appreciate your time to complete a survey on the industry and the use of thermal imaging.

Please click here to complete the survey.  

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